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How is done by Mr. Pavers
First we remove the old cracked concrete and haul it away to a recycling center. Then excavate 10 inches for driveways and 7 inches for walkways, pool decks, patios removing all the roots and bad soil.

Then we compact the dirt and lay the GEOTEX fabric which will stay between the dirt and your flexible base rock aggregate foundation, it will prevent root, weed, almost everything from growing back, and give to the foundation more durability, flexibility, resolving most soil poor quality or problems.
*We install 7 inches of crushed base rock aggregate on driveways and 4 inches on patios, pool deck and walkways. ( base rock class II rec. )
*After the base rock is placed we set the final grade and compact it with a heave duty vibrator plate, this is the most important part of the project it will keep it from fail and sink, then we lay 1 inch of bedding sand.


*Place the pavers: carefully lay the interlocking paving stones on the sand according to the pattern you have chosen, paying strict attention to keeping the joint lines straight and to the alignment of the rows.

*Saw cut pavers: for the precision fit that is required to match corners, curves or unusual angles, pavers are carefully measured, then cut with a high-powered saw for a clean edge and exact fit.

*We place concrete edge beans under the entire border perimeter, placing the border pavers stones on the top of wet concrete bean to protect and hold tight the paving stones from shifting.

*A layer of sand is swept over the paving stones. Then we pass the plate vibrator over the surface, forcing the sand into the joints from the top.

4 years warranty on workmanship and Lifetime on cracking and breakage of the stones.